Images and text from The Gotham Herdsman IV

1939 - New York World's Fair - 1999

60th Anniversary Edition

Gotham Hersdman 60th Anniversary
Jim Cavanaugh


289 South Broadleigh

Columbus, Ohio 43209

(614) 231-1179

4 children, 7 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren

Letter from Jim, July 22, 1998:

1939-1999--who would have believed it?

We have had 3 Gotham Herdsman books and 13

newsletters, including my edition in 1994. Our

books and newsletters are on the shelves of the

Dairy Shrine Museum and Hoards Dairyman.

After the 1939 Fair, I returned cows west to

McMinnville, Oregon (one Jersey cow never made

it because of her dislike of veterinarians).

The Cavanaugh History: Married 4/22/46;

fifty-one years in the same home since 1949;

American Jersey Cattle Club for 42 years; retired

in 1985; member of American Guernsey

Association (1986-1987); Executive Secretary of

the National Dairy Herd Improvement (1987-1988).

I graduated from Kansas State in 1942. I was a member of the dairy cattle

judging team. I worked for the Hoards Dairyman from 1942 to 1945. As an

Air Force pilot, I flew 50 missions, retiring as a major. I've received awards

from the Jersey Cattle Club, American Dairy Science Association of Animal

Breeds, National Dairy Shrine, and many others. I was Man of the Year at

Kansas State. On August 8, 2000, I was inducted into the Ohio Agriculture

Hall of Fame.

I love to read (over 200 books a year). I've traveled worldwide in the

service, and through 37 states as a civilian. I love to play golf. On Oct. 26,

1999, I attended Elsie's 60th Anniversary and birthday bash at Bryant Park,

New York City.

Our best wishes to all the "Borden Boys"--we would welcome a visit

anytime or a chat by phone.

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